As a passionately adept composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, instructor, performer, and filmmaker hailing from Saint Charles, MO, I enjoy a creative lifestyle and long to share my art and knowledge with others.

The son of two educators, I began my musical studies at age four by way of the Suzuki Method for violin under the tutelage of St. Louis Symphony Orchestra member Walter Gotschall. It is irrefutable how profound an effect the experience I gained from recitals at this early stage in my development had on my interpersonal skills and self confidence. While I did not maintain pursuit of the violin, I was irreconcilably drawn to performance as an art. I spent my youth dabbling in theater, film, and other avenues of self expression, until inevitably having proved myself time and again to be innately connected to the intimately personal nature of music.

On an elemental level, the entirety of the universe is centered on vibration… waves… frequency. Recent studies have revealed empirical evidence of the intangible bond that is formed amongst a group of performers. I believe one’s ability to manipulate sound and vibration through physical means is perhaps the nearest to what we call wizardry or magic that we are truly capable of. I am eternally grateful to possess this gift and yearn to share it with as many possible.

Modern technology enables us to educate and express ourselves as never before. The exponentially powerful, increasingly ubiquitous nature of mobile computing will fuel and inspire the artistic endeavors and careers of future rock stars and hollywood directors. The perpetual connectivity we have at our disposal provides us with opportunities for casual creative collaboration through minimal effort, yielding impressively professional grade results.

For some examples of what it is now possible to produce entirely on a cellular phone, please visit my SoundCloud

I recently released a solo EP, Live At Jettison Studios, recorded by Daniel Merhrmann of Dropkick the Robot at his Jettison Studios

Live performances on YouTube

I have composed original scores, featuring:

Over The Hill • a short film by Jordan Bowlin

Death Comes at Nightfall • a short film by Sean Lass

I played keys & guitar in the instrumental trio roAds

I played guitar for Miss Jubilee

I have produced work under the pseudonyms:

bridgeton airfield and motorhome

love to all • thanks for stopping by


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