To an interested, invested pursuer of musical study, I would consider myself more akin to a guide than to a teacher.

Learning to play a piece of music solely by notation without knowledge of theory is roughly equivalent to learning to speak and properly enunciate a phrase in a foreign language in which you aren’t fluent. While it may sound exemplary, the meaning is lost.

I have found that music teachers tend to stigmatize theory study as intimidatingly scientific and boring, ultimately inessential to play one’s favorite songs. While this is true – that simply learning a few easy chords can unlock a veritably unlimited catalog of preexisting tunes to play – there is an inimitably transcendental, at times seemingly psychic, social connection accessible to those who can improvise and create new music with others. It is my hope that each student with whom I am privileged to share my knowledge will have experienced this to some degree by the end of their first lesson.

I have been performing for 23 years. I taught and have lead bands at The Ron Busch Guitar Studio & School of Modern Music.

The instruments for which I offer instruction are guitar, electric bass, keys, ukulele, and beginner drums. I also offer tutoring in iOS and Mac based audiovisual production, specifically, GarageBand, Logic Pro X, and Final Cut X by Apple, Reason by Propellerhead, and Native Instruments products.

I am an ardent proponent, evangelist, and enthusiast of mobile technology, and earnestly believe  it to be the future platform of choice for creative expression and self education.

For some examples of what it is possible to produce entirely on a modern cellular telephone, please visit my SoundCloud.

I currently teach at Music & Arts in Town and Country, MO

For rates & other inquiries, call: +1 (636) 527-7354

Rates for in home lessons • $44/hr, $25/30m

Please use the form below to leave your name, email, and a brief summary of what you wish to learn, and I will respond ASAP.


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